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March 29, 2004



These are great points. If Kerry can adopt a Kensian angle (ironic, eh?) towards the changing facts he can hit back hard. But if he looses too much time in defense it hurts him. But its also true that Bush has one answer to all problems—tax cuts. Those who see that as “strength” are not worth Kerry trying to persuade, so to hell with ‘em.


The problem with "to hell with 'em" is that those folks get to vote too. The "solution" of tax cuts is very seductive to someone who doesn't want to think about the hard problems, just like the "solution" of kicking Saddam Hussein's Ay-rab butt was very seductive to people who didn't want to acknowledge that terrorism is practically intractible and the U.S. will never be safe. If we want the Bush administration out of office, we need to find a way to educate at least some of these folks so that they can start to understand that the President they see as strong and resolute is actually screwing them, their families, and their country six ways from Sunday.

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