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June 26, 2005



Actually I really enjoyed the dub. I watched Princess Mononoke first, and for that one in particular, I actually *prefer* the dub because of the neat animal-noise effects that accompany the speech of the forest gods. They are careful in their casting and in their dubbing, and usually don't lose much in the translation.

Personally I was entertained by Billy Crystal as Calcifer. I think he managed not to overdo his... um... Billy-Crystal-ness. Then again, Princess Mononoke is my favorite Miyazaki film, not Spirited Away, so we're bound to disagree on some other points as well. :)


"Howl's Moving Castle, a structure that could only have been created by the mind of Miyazaki."

You do know that the animated film is made by Miyazaki, the original was written by Diana Wynne Jones. ;)


I'm going with Stephen, the film was based off of the book written by Diana Wynne Jones, who is dyslexic and a true inspiration. She writes amazing fiction.

And I'm a fan of Miyazaki, and a devotee to Spirited

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