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November 10, 2006



Congratulations Carla! So cool to be featured like this.

Susan Murphy

How WONDERFUL, Carla! What a dream come true! I have tickets for Kaifi Aur Main at Lincoln Center in NYC and am trying to finagle a way to meet the great Shabanaji myself! In any case, I look forward to reading more about your "darshan" soon. In the meantime, congratulations!



Susan, at last night's performance of Kaifi aur Main, Shabana ji and Javed sahib were available for autographs. (They were selling Shaukat's and Kaifi's books, proceeds to go to one of their charities, etc.) I didn't stick around because I was exhausted and a little embarassed to stalk her two days in a row; but if you are patient at the Lincoln Center show that might be a good opportunity to say hello to them.

Susan Murphy

Thanks, Carla!
xo S

Daddy's Girl

That's lovely. She has obviously had a huge impact on you - I think everyone should get to meet someone they've greatly admired from afar, at least once.

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