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November 20, 2006



I think the key with any language is that you hear it first in volumes before seeing it written in English script. This ensures that your brain mimics what it's heard instead of butchering the sounds into how you would pronounce them if they were written in English. I have often noticed that people who learn Hindi after watching the movies tend to have a natural easy accent while others who learn it the traditional way speak with heavy English intonation. So you have been accidentally lucky in that your brain got the sounds recorded before seeing their approximated representations on paper.


I'm starting Hindi with a tutor in January - the intro class I was going to take got cancelled because not enoguh people signed up - and I am completely geeked to practice. I think I'll have the opposite problem from you - I will go up and ramble to anyone. Similar to, though not exactly the same as, the phenomenon that compelled me this last year when meeting someone whose name is the same as one of the fimli stars I know and love to say, "Oh, like Chawla?" or "just like Bachchan!" What a dolt. I can't be stopped. However, several times I've lost my nerve to ask the nice man who runs the Indian grocery store and talks to me about the movies I rent what his name is (in Hindi) (one of few real sentences I've learned).


Great post, carla - we have YET MORE in common, it would seem. Happily, I have enough friends who not only put up with my appalling efforts, but have no qualms about correcting me. It's not simply a great learning tool to have a 5-year old punjabi girl drill one for ten minutes in the correct pronunciation of ਕਉੜਾ, until she's satisfied, it's a great ego-deflater too.

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