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January 03, 2007



german bollywood blogosphere is rich, sometimes i think its the most richest in the world. but you can also find many bollywood blogs in france and around the globe (but less in india)

here you can find all bollywood related blogs i've discovered until today :) i like collecting rss feeds :)


Well, the "arthouse trips" are meant as digressions/excursions into arthouse cinema and "strip" is coll. for film - like "flick" in English. I had to look at the German text, when I saw "heart pain strips". Bollywood-Einsteiger are Bollywood beginners. Carla, first time I'm visiting your blog fpor the first time and I like it - must soon spend some more time here! But I already have read a lot of your posts on bollyWHAT, wher I post as Vera.


ohoh - one should read again, what one has written - so many typos, sorry!


Thanks Vera - I appreciate the insight into the sometimes mysterious and opaque results of machine translations! Hope to see you around.

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