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August 30, 2007



Strongly recommend you read "The Design of Everyday Things" - an epic book and compulsory reading on human interface design - if you find this sort of stuff fascination (which I do).


An example the book talks about is how the design and look of door handles gives subtle and subconscious clues to the user as to how the door should be opened. Fascinating stuff.


I have noticed this, but I've never been confused by it.


hey, found you via Amit. I have never noticed the discrepancy either. I guess for me the explanation would be that when I punch in phone numbers, I'm not thinking of the digits, I'm usually thinking of the physical sequence of keystrokes ("up, down, left," etc). But I guess that only explains the way my brain works for entering frequently-dialed numbers, so nevermind...

another Emily

I use a calculator constantly, and I have to make a conscious effort to remember that the phone keypad is turned around. I understand that the phone company made the numbers go the other way on purpose.

Sally Big Woods

I noticed this, and continually struggle with the placement differences of the keys. I am a visual-rememberer and so when I enter a PIN number or something, it helps me a lot to watch the pattern my fingers make pressing the keypad. It's a big bummer, but I try to cope :)

BTW, love the kitchen - looks fab!


Just came across your blogs. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Anyway, I'm taking a break from my studdies and dabbling in one of my favorite topics of bollywood, and that's how I came across this blog.

anyway to stay on the topic, one of the ways of my nerdyness is computers. I am on the computer so frequently that when I go to use the phone I get the keypad mixed up and dial wrong numbers. Happens more if I am tired, stressed, in a hurry, etc...

I can remember one time trying to make a call and having to call 10x just to get the correct number. Partly d/t the keypad issue and partly d/t the PITA area codes (there are several in the city I live in).

back to studying, and packing to move.

Norman Neate

Has a blind person ever answered this question ?
Seems to me that they would have a lot of trouble.

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