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October 05, 2007



Rs500 (~$13) is usually a gold-class multiplex ticket - Lazyboy booth seating with dinner and drinks served during the movie. You can watch a movie for much less than that. But of course I'm sure you knew that :).


We use "bucks" for Canadian dollars.

"David commented that he is sometimes confused when people use the word "bucks" to refer to currency other than our own U.S. dollar"

This I can empathise with. I still have real trouble grokking the use of "kiwi" for "kiwifruit". When I read someone say that something has a taste or texture similar to "kiwi", I automatically wonder what sort of barbarians could possibly be eating our extremely endangered national bird. It's not just the US/UK that are "separated by a common language". Of course, if the greenback keeps sliding, then maybe $500US will be 500Rs before too long. :-)

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